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Billing Policy, Legal Notice, and Privacy Policy

Handwriting Services International is an association of some of America's most respected forensic document examiners / handwriting experts. Any contact information collected from this site is not for resale to any third party. We respect your privacy. Furthermore, although we are not attorneys, we hold all legal case material as "Confidential" and do not and will not discuss your case with any outside individual, counsel, company, or court... without a judge authorized subpoena and without your full knowledge and participation. We respect your privacy.

We are not attorneys, we are court qualified expert witness with extensive legal experience related to our expertise. If we are working with your attorney (or you are an attorney) we will consult on both strategy and any legal precedents that might apply in your case. If you are not an attorney, we suggest you hire an attorney for all legal advice. We cannot dispense legal advice to non- attorneys. We only comment on our experiences as it relates to cases we have personally been involved in regarding handwriting, forgeries, or expert witnesses. If you want legal advice, you must consult a licensed attorney in your state.

Billing and Refund Policy.

Our company, Handwriting Services International offers a refund policy only on the basis of "non-delivery" of the service agreed upon. There is no refund, partial refund, or cancellation to any case once laboratory work has begun or after 72 hours of the purchase date and time. We do not offer any guarantee that the "forensic lab results". will be in favor to our client. Our team of experts get paid for rendering an official forensic opinion, not for rendering the opinion our client wants to hear. Our company aggressively fights charge-backs and bounced checks from clients who received our service in good faith. All credit cards and payments to any handwriting expert on this page will be processed by "Handwriting Services International, Dallas, TX - USA."

Mailing Address
Our company, Handwriting Services International receives mail and accounting related mail at the following address:
Handwriting Services International
Accounting Headquarters
5419 Hollywood Blvd.
Suite C - 381
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Tel. 310- 779-7224

Clients DO NOT send case documents to the above address, it will slow the processing of your forensics case down. Call the individual document examiner for his or her shipping address.

Both attorneys and non-attorney clients receive a free initial consultation from any of our recommended handwriting experts.

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