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"Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter. Your opinion letter may become enough to prevent a trial."
— Sandra G. Slater Phoenix, AZ

Court Qualified Handwriting Expert: The scientific identification of an individual through handwritten items. Forensic Document Examiner: The utilization of scientific principles to establish the source and authenticity of a document.

When you need a top-notch forensic handwriting expert... you should call Bart Baggett's office. As you know, many cases are won or lost depending on the credentials and skill of your expert witness. If you are thinking about hiring a forensic document examiner, you should call us first. Learn more about Bart Baggett's services>>

Our Forensic Document Examiners can detect forgeries, identify anonymous writing, authenticate documents, and stand firm on the witness stand... learn more >>

How much do handwriting experts charge to render an opinion? You can learn more>>

Because we have worked with hundreds of attorneys and individuals over the years, we realize most of our clients will fit into... learn more

Our examiners render opinions in cases involving disputed wills, deeds, contracts, forged checks ... learn more >>
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